Helping growth-oriented professionals reach their goals
through self-leadership.

Are you dreaming of:

  •  Figuring out the ultimate way to make permanent lifestyle changes? 
  •  Achieving a work-life balance, having more time, energy, and clarity on your future?
  •  Knowing how to use your mind as a tool to get desired results and reach your goals?
  •  Taking your life and business to the next level?

Build a life where well-being is not just a goal, it's a lifestyle.

Life, where you have a strong foundation, sustainable habits, and endless opportunities for growth.

 The key is to identify what works for you instead of following trends that don't provide long-lasting results. This involves gaining an understanding of the whys and hows, rather than following instructions while possessing the necessary tools and the desire to grow.
Whether you're traveling, dealing with unpredictable schedules, or navigating tough times,  you will be able to unlock your inner champion, tap into your strengths and unleash your true potential.

Discover how to build sustainable habits that will boost energy, reduce stress,  improve your physical and mental health, and make you more confident.

Comprehensive approach takes into account all the aspects of well-being and will lead you towards permanent changes. Complex topics and bigger goals are broken down into daily actions which will have an enormous combined effect.






 "Jasmin's coaching is the best thing you can do if you are looking to optimise your life and gain control of every aspect of it. The mindset and approach towards my mental and physical well-being completely changed.

I feel  free from restrictive thoughts which used to dominate the choices about my well-being. I learned how to create an enjoyable healthy lifestyle which I can maintain while travelling.

I stopped thinking about the short term results by becoming confident in trusting that consistency will get me to my goals. Jasmin's coaching was tailored to my needs and focused on understanding and building a sustainable healthy lifestyle. I have never felt better." 

Keval, 27, Pianist

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Rise above the noise and become the master of your well-being

with a GROWTH FLOW method that has helped hundreds of people just like you to shift their mindset, sleep better, reach goals, and improve their overall quality of life. It's based on science, research, experience, and techniques that have been proven to work during my 9-year coaching career.


The first stage of sustainable change relies on facts. Exploring will awaken your curiosity.





The second stage is answering the questions of why and how. Evolve is when you realise.





The final stage sets you up for mastery.
Elevate will make you aware.




Transformation is not a sprint, it's a marathon. Things take time and consistency is the key. Choosing healthy routines that work for you is a good base to build a healthy lifestyle. Life happens and you need to know what to do when it does. GROWTH FLOW has left out the nonsense and gathered things you really need for a healthy lifestyle and growth.

The mind plays an integral role in the transformation process, which is why it's important to focus on training the mind and brain in addition to the body. Sustainable results and positive changes in numerous areas in life, from exercise to weight management and from better sleep to stress tolerance, can be developed by taking into account your life situation, strengths, resources, and goals.

"Habits are learned for the situations where all the attempts to create motivation fail".

 "A safe and encouraging environment with comprehensive support and guidance in my lifestyle change made me more self-confident, motivated, and enjoy working out!

Jasmin didn't promise a shortcut to happiness but slowly helped me build a sustainable and safe foundation for my training and well-being. She's a walking knowledge bank equipped with positive energy, who explains the whys and justifies the solutions with what evidence has been obtained through research on the subject.

I felt listened to and the solutions were tailored for me – stretching from "homework", everyday tips, nutrition guidance, and sharing general knowledge to deep diving into every aspect of my well-being." 

Elisa, 32, Product Owner

Hi there, I'm Jasmin!

Well-rounded wellness professional, mind-body expert, perpetual explorer, passionate traveller and active questioner.

 For over 9 years I've worked with hundreds of people from all walks of life to align their mind and body for optimal well-being and performance. And let me tell you, it's been an amazing ride!

I genuinely care about you and will celebrate your success.

As your coach, my heart is fully invested in helping you gain the self-knowledge, understanding, and tools necessary to reach your goals and maintain them for long-term. 

    I blend science, my expertise in mind and body, listening and years of experience to help you address specific goals while developing a mindset that will sustain action for long-term transformation.

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