Unlock the fundamentals of a healthy life with our unique online course

Understanding is the key

Jazell Coaching

We take coaching  to another level

With our holistic approach we will teach you everything we think one should know about healthy lifestyle. Jazell will change the way you view wellness.

Why are our methods unique?

Our vision is to help people to build a strong foundation of healthy living by learning. We think that it is important to understand why, what and how instead of just receiving  instructions.

    Our methods are based on science, research and techniques proven to work during our 13+ years of experience in coaching.

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We have noticed that

The common struggles for maintaining permanent lifestyle   changes include the following:

  • Doing things for the wrong reasons

 Lifestyle changes come from routines and routines are based on values. If the changes you have made are not aligned with your values, they won't last.

  • Going all in right away

Things take time to adapt. Not assessing were you stand and not starting according to your abilities are common ways to set yourself for failure.

  • Only following instructions

There's a lot of information out there about how to live a healthy life. How to know what to believe and whose instructions to follow? Not understanding the reasons behind the instructions will make you easily believe that the newest fad or diet is the one you need.

 We will give the tools

To avoid the stumbling blocks on your way to better life

  • Inner motivation

Values will be a big part of our coaching and course. Building routines based on your values will arise a motivation which is not dependent on anyone or anything else.

  •  Maintainability

If things are not flexible, they are not maintainable. Choosing healthy routines that work for you are good base to build lifestyle on. Life happens and you need to know what to do when it does.

  •  Understanding

Lifestyle change is not a sprint, it's a marathon. Things take time.  Learning to listen to your body's signals will help you to make good decisions for yourself. We have left out the nonsense and gathered the things you really need for healthy lifestyle.



  • Interactive

First interactive course about well-being: forget about only following instructions and learn by doing!

  • Gives you the tools

You will not only get the tools to make your life better, but you will also learn how to apply them in different situations.

  • Learn cause-and-effect relationships

Our course will teach you how each area of well-being affects the other.

  • Clear and simple

The course presents the information you need in a simple, easy-to-understand format. 

Customer stories

"My goal was to gain muscle and I was quite nervous about the idea of having to eat a lot of food in order to do so, but Jasmin has been a really trustworthy and supportive coach. 
She made a really detailed plan for me, but at the same time has built in a certain degree of flexibility to take into account my lifestyle. She is very thorough and detailed in the way she trains me, but more than just the physical work, she has really had an impact on my general outlook and attitude towards exercise and nutrition. I enjoying walking more, I feel more alert and energetic in my daily life, and I really look forward to using my body in training. 
She is very professional, extremely knowledgeable and also a really lovely person, so the whole experience of training with her is fantastic. "

- KEVAL, 28

"I always thought that exercise is not for me. It felt too difficult and uncomfortable. With Ella’s encouragement and support I found love towards physical activity and part of myself I did not know existed: I’m strong! Our sessions together with Ella were always customised for me. I realised that enjoying life includes exercise, nutrition and sleep. Ella made me believe in my body and own abilities. I had the courage to try new sports, I was able to lose weight and get my nutrition on track. Not only did I change my own life, but Ella inspired me to study to become a PT and physical education instructor. I would’ve never been able to make such huge changes without the help of skilled and understanding professional. 

Big and warm recommendation!

- HENNA, 31

''Jasmin understood my physical and mental needs. She totally opened up my mind to many misunderstandings that I had about nutrition and movements. I was able to get my back issues in order and after a month I noticed a positive change in my sleep, stress tolerance and attitude towards going to the gym: I was excited!

 I could feel and see the results which I didn’t even know were possible. For me this journey was both physical and mental and I can’t think of anyone better than Jasmin to coach and mentor me during this time. 

I can say that I achieved my goal and got a lot more out of it than I could ever have expected."

- LAURA, 32

Our thoughts

Healthy lifestyle is like brushing teeth; it's not something you always feel motivated or even willing to do, but you know that it's good for you.


The most important thing is
to  find what works for you. Aim
for the best possible balance,
not perfection.