Jazell was born from the experience and findings of an individual who is passionate about helping people to achieve sustainable transformation.

In well-being, one size definitely doesn't fit all and often the struggles come from trying to apply a readily made formula that doesn't suit your needs. Jazell's comprehensive and sustainable approach to wellness will help you establish a lifestyle that fits you and makes you feel good.
During the years of coaching individuals, groups, and wellness professionals proven methods were created that anyone can apply to their life. There are no quick fixes and the goal is to change your lifestyle for good. However, feeling better and living healthily doesn’t have to be difficult. Simple, small actions done repeatedly are the key to success.

"Feel well - Wherever you are"

Jazell's mission is to empower individuals to achieve optimal well-being through a comprehensive and sustainable approach while also focusing on personal growth and self-development without complicating things. We want to challenge traditional lifestyle change methods and provide innovative coaching that goes beyond the surface level, diving deep into cognitive processes that drive behaviours. Providing resources for you to cultivate a healthy mindset and sustainable habits that lead to a more prosperous, fulfilling, and healthier life.



10 000 +

400 +

Jasmin Cakmakci


•  10 000 + hours coached
•  Personal Trainer and REBT Mindset Life Coach
•  Transformation, Growth and Brain Coach
•  Studies:
  - Optimum nutrition for health and performance
  - Sports science
  - Neuroscience
  - Rational emotive behaviour therapy
  - Mental Coach (5/24)
  - Cognitive and Solution-Focused Brief Therapist (5/24)
•  Worked in Africa, the Middle East, and Europe
•  Experienced in coaching wellness professionals
•  Specialties:    
  - Lifestyle changes and goal reaching
  - Movement enhancement and position correction
  - Stress management and resilience
  - Mental performance, neuroplasticity and mindset

Me as a coach: As your coach, my heart is fully invested in helping you gain the self-knowledge, understanding, and tools necessary to not only reach your goals-, but maintain them for the long term. I blend science, my expertise in body and mind, listening, and years of experience to help you address specific goals while developing a mindset that will sustain actions for long-term transformation.

Problems I see in the wellness industry: The prevalence of temporary solutions and the exclusive focus on physical health.

What I have done to fix this: I began to question the industry's rigid, often short-sighted ways of coaching and started using unconventional methods that brought significant outcomes. I committed to educating myself thoroughly about well-being and promised to apply that approach to the people I work with, even if it meant going against the norm.

My experiences: Having lived in Africa, the Middle East, and Europe, I've witnessed the unique challenges of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in different environments. As a former manager, I also know all too well the stresses of a busy work life.

A struggle that became a strength: ADHD

My transformation: From overweight, exhausted, and miserable, two-time burnout sufferer to self-aware, well-being, unique me.

How did I get to where I am now: With consistency, self-development, and lots of hard work.

Fun fact: I placed 4th Fittest in the Middle East in 2015.

Let's get to work - start living your best, healthiest life!


13 +

16 000 +

400 +