Results & Feedback

What my clients have achieved 

"I highly recommend Jasmin's coaching: it has been a comprehensive investment that really pays off!"
-Susanna, 28

"After reaching a plateau with my progress, I decided to invest in a coaching service. Jasmin's way to coach is positive and empathetic. She clearly does this from her heart and has a great motivation to understand exactly my needs, development points, and body.

I feel confident continuing working out and I have concrete tools that will show the way in the future."
Ninni, 27
Administrative assistant
"For the first time, I was progressing quickly! Better posture, core control, and overall strength were achieved with small changes. The perception of my body was challenged.

Coaching also focused on removing the disruptions in my body caused by previous stressful situations."
Pia, 55

"This coaching is the best thing that has happened to me in years!"

"Jasmin's coaching has been the best thing that has happened to me in years!

I had severe posture problems I thought were impossible to fix. Just after two months of training the mobility of my upper body increased tremendously, I was able to support it better and even my spine got straighter.

I'm stronger, walk differently, and got rid of the neck and shoulder problems I had before. I have also realized what a massive role mind has in transformations and training."

Sirkka, 77, retired

 "A safe and encouraging environment with comprehensive support and guidance in my lifestyle change made me more self-confident, motivated, and enjoy working out!

Jasmin didn't promise a shortcut to happiness but slowly helped me build a sustainable and safe foundation for my training and well-being. She's a walking knowledge bank equipped with positive energy, who explains the whys and justifies the solutions with what evidence has been obtained through research on the subject.

I felt listened to and the solutions were tailored for me – stretching from "homework", everyday tips, nutrition guidance, and sharing general knowledge to deep diving into every aspect of my well-being." 

Elisa, 33, Product Owner

"Jasmin has shown me that nothing is impossible. The quality of my sleep got better and I have more energy. I also changed my diet and decreased my alcohol consumption drastically. Her coaching literally changed my life."

Jari, 63

Theatre Director

"Wellness coaching that is interested in the person as a whole."
-Patricia, 54

"I was afraid to gain muscle because I thought that I'd look masculine, but under Jasmin's encouraging and patient coaching I understood how wrong I had been!

Before I had many negative comments about my body. Now I have none. The mindset shift has been huge! Jasmin didn't just tell me what to do; she wanted me to understand and learn how to live a balanced, healthy life.

Nowadays I make healthier choices by default. The relationship with my body, myself, and nutrition has improved greatly. I'm fitter, stronger, and have more energy.

My lifestyle in every aspect has completely changed."

Nathalie, 33, HR Assistant

"My posture got better and the supporting muscles of my core are in use in my daily life now! I have become stronger and gotten useful activation exercises I can do at home for running. Jasmin coaches in a friendly, clear, and careful manner."
Maarit, 34


"I suffered from insomnia and bad anxiety due to big life changes. Jasmin gave me exercises and tools to overcome crippling anxiety and as a result, my sleep and ability to function improved significantly ."
Marie, 54

Office hostess

"I was bloated and had constant pain in my lower back.

With Jasmin's comprehensive approach, I understood that stress and weak core muscles were the cause of these problems.

Her Growth Flow method gives simple, concrete tools and after only three weeks my bloating was gone, my back was pain-free, I slept better, and got my stress levels under control."

Cansu, 47, Interior Architect

 "I was able to get my back issues in order and after a month I started to notice a major change in my sleep, stress tolerance, and attitude towards going to the gym. My mind opened up to many misunderstandings I had about nutrition and movement.  

After changing my diet based on Jasmin's guidance, I felt much more energetic and looked better than during the many years of dieting. She understood my physical and mental needs towards the change and was determined to help me achieve my goal, making me believe in myself.

For me, this journey was both physical and mental. My realization that the path was a marathon rather than a sprint made it much easier for me to set realistic goals for myself."

Laura, 32, CRM Product Owner

"Based on what I have learned, I give myself permission to eat enough to keep my energy levels sufficient. I quickly made progress at the gym due to learning the right techniques. Those have been helpful in my everyday life!

Jasmin's positive, encouraging attitude and excellent, wholeheartedly serving professionalism got me excited!"
Sue, 27

Parish worker

"My core control got better, I learned to enhance the activation of my muscles, and got stronger!

In Jasmin, I appreciate the most that she is very customer-oriented and tailors the sessions to suit customer's unique needs."
Iren, 63

Process expert